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High-altitude platform station -

Altitude selection for HAPS[edit]

Wind Profile variation with Altitude showing minimum wind speeds between 17 and 22 km altitude.Due to the height, more than 90% of atmospheric matter is below the high-altitude platform.

VBAC: Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

In November 2005, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the national cesarean birth rate was the highest ever at 29.If you desire to try a vaginal delivery after having had a cesarean, you should be encouraged by knowing that 90% of women who have undergone cesarean deliveries are candidates for VBAC.

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CMH is part of the high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting category, which offers the highest efficacy and longest life of any lighting type, and saves up to 90% of lighting energy when they replace incandescent lamps.Lumens are a measure of the quantity of light, referred to as luminous flux or just flux, emitted by a light source.

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From its initial freshman class of 19 students, SRJC has become one of the largest single college districts in the United States, Sonoma County Junior College District.In its 90-year history, Santa Rosa Junior College has had only five Presidents: Floyd P.

Improbable Piloting Skills - TV Tropes

While about 90% of Improbable Piloting Skills in Strike Witches can be attributed to the Strikers being magical, some of the feats are still improbable.The A-Team had Murdoch do some impossible things with a helicopter and then culminated with him 'flying' a tank.

Restoring What's Left Behind From Mining

Ladysmith City Administrator Al Christianson said 90 percent of the Flambeau mine site was reclaimed over a period of months.Supporters of mining said the requirement effectively served as a de facto ban on sulfide mines.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness – Safety Kits Plus

Over 90 percent of all fatal two-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle occurred on non-interstate roadways.Approximately 50 percent of all fatal two-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle were intersection crashes.

Wisconsin Ski Resorts |

Northerly climate with cold and snow, combined with natural beauty and some of the biggest vertical drops in the Midwest make the state's ski resorts popular across the region.Perched on a long ridge overlooking busy I-90/I-94, Cascade Mountain is considered the top day trip area in the Midwest.

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This forum is to allow people to organise meets road trips etc in Ireland/Northern Ireland

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With snow forecast, polish your winter driving skills

I mean wipeouts on I-90 and Snoqualmie Pass, where snow and ice caused
several collisions and spinouts Wednesday night involving cars and semitrucks.With lowland snow forecast for our region on Monday, motorists should polish their winter driving skills.