Tire Chain: love car

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $47.01
    Price: $24.68
    You Save: $22.33 (48%)
    So I got some of these from the local Napa, They were great. Paid 2x what Amazon charges. They are amazing in snow. I drive a low provile BMW 3 series. It cannot handle 3 inches of snow on my street tires. With these chains I was pushing thru ice and 8 inches of snow like it was the race track. Only problem I had with them is even stay under 30mph on bare road, they wore out rather quickly. I need these to get in and out of the side streets I live on, but the main roads are generally clear. They did last about 5 weeks of daily use, then they pretty much fell apart. After you lose 1 link, you might as well junk em, as the rest will go rather shortly. I'm buying my second set now. At this price I'll buy em every 5 weeks ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $117.47
    Price: $41.95
    You Save: $75.52 (64%)
    I bought this cable chain for my 2005 Honda Odyssey with tire size 265/65R16 in 2008 and have been using every winter. Practice once before you have to do it under snowy conditions. I found out the hard way that it's difficult to put even the easy to put chains, if you haven't read the instructions. I can get the chain on now in under 5 minutes on both the tires. Slide the chain under the tire and hook up the bottom (split end), then proceed to do the top inside and outside, followed by the rubber tensioner and you are good to go. Reverse the install and the chain will be off in a couple of minutes! Before I got this chain, I used to struggle with the chains that require you to lay it down straight, drive over (with someone helping) and ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $143.47
    Price: $63.58
    You Save: $79.89 (56%)
    "They come in a nice plastic case that can be stored in the truck" - By Reviewer97
    This chains came at the right time just as we were getting more snow on a 15f week. I have a steep driveway that left a few 4x4 vehicles stranded in the past under similar conditions. This chains delivered!
    They come in a nice plastic case that can be stored in the truck, but I recommend putting one of them in a bag or have a separator between the set. The chains were tangled, and it took me a while to separate the two - not much fun doing it when it is so cold outside or in the dark. Once separated it was straight forward and they worked very well. Tip number 2 is to use work gloves because you could easily cut yourself especially when it is so cold and your kin is brittle. Last tip is to pay attention when driving off of the chains while removing ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    [[VIDEOID:9a93c788d73ed5660592a4d90405456e]] *I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review*
    These are very high quality tire chains! They are perfect for vehicles when it is icing or snowing. At this time here where we live it is extremely hot, but it does get nice and cold during the winter and we have had ice and snow on the road at times where barely anyone is out on the road, and some are scared to take their cars out on the road. With these tire chains we don't have to be worried... other than being worried about the other vehicles out on the road. These tire chains will definitely help keep our tires from slipping on the ice, but we still all need to watch our surroundings for vehicles that don't have tire chains like these. I am very happy to now have this product so we ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $78.66
    Price: $37.43
    You Save: $41.23 (52%)
    "Easy to use. Works great!" - By hummvee69 (Colorado)
    Pros: Carrying Case. Easy to install. Easy to remove. Easy to clean. Dependable.

    Cons: None.

    So far these chains have met and exceeded all expectations. A pair for a front wheel drive car will help get through snow, mud and sand.

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $146.73
    Price: $56.32
    You Save: $90.41 (62%)
    "Easy to install, works exactly as it should." - By H. Kim (Orange County, CA)

    Bought a set before heading up to Tahoe on my 2-wheel drive Tahoe.
    Hoped that I didn't have to use it, but wanted to have a set just in case. Well, of course I'd need it. Needed to have these chains on for just a short drive near the destination (less than 2 miles) and easy installation part made it a breeze to put these on on my 20 inch rims. Putting on the set took less than 10 minutes. And once on, I got my traction back and made it to vacation home safe and sound. I do think that these are good for short drives, not a heavy duty use.
    But it serves it's purpose well, and putting on and off is simple. I'd definitely buy again for my other car.

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $100.32
    Price: $37.54
    You Save: $62.78 (63%)
    This is the first time I tried any tire chain. After reading my Subaru Forester 2008 (AWD) manual, I researched and found that SZ335 meets the specifications - both size wise and the SAE Class "S". Surprisingly, according to manual event though my Subaru is AWD, it requires chains only on front wheels.

    The instructions are clear enough, although they should have made it extra clear 1. by giving hints on the picture as to which side of the tire is on which direction relative to you and 2. by providing extra pictures of some keywords they use - bushing, C hook etc. Not that these are hard to figure out but every bit helps when you are out there in cold, snow, sleet etc.

    Handling the chains and putting them on the tire and using the rubber tightener were simple and easy. For the first time it ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    "Make sure you get the right size" - By praxeum (USA)
    I needed new chains for my plow truck and researched a lot before finally deciding on these. I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado with stock 245/75R16 tires. I read all of the reviews and ordered with a little bit of apprehension about them fitting. These things tend to have one of two reviews, either people 1) Love them or 2) hate them because they don't fit. I ordered them in hopes of falling in category one.

    When they arrived I intended on trying them out before I needed them but never got around to it. Then one day, late at night we were coming back from snowboarding and it had been a particularly snowy cold day and we couldn't make it up our driveway. My driveway is about 130 yards long and somewhat steep. The cold snap a few weeks ago had ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    "turned my lt1000 into a 4x4!" - By A. Haase (il USA)

    great set of chains i can now go trough snow past the frame and it plows much stronger installed in less than 15 minutes fit nice i did use some zip ties to lock the hooks to the chains as they look like they could come off easy i have a craftsman lt1000 with 20x10.00-8 tires and sears wanted $60 for these chains but could have them till march this guy had them to my door in less than 3 days !!! great deal

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $99.95
    Price: $51.17
    You Save: $48.78 (49%)
    I put these on my minivan (2003 Honda Odyssey) and drove on mixed surfaces (snow-covered, icy, slushy & pavement) in Yosemite National Park. I've tried several types of snow chains prior to these -- straight cables, Z-cables, GoClaws -- I found this pair to the most durable. The other types/brands tended to give out when driven on pavement, or they rusted out after a couple of uses.

    These chains were also the easiest to install, thanks to the stiffened inner ring that you just push behind the wheel -- you don't need to hug the wet, muddy tire to reach around to look for the other end of the chain because all the linkages are designed to connect on the outer side of the wheel, and you can install the chains without moving the vehicle. The uninstallation instructions say you need to stop and align the ... full review

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $148.56
    Price: $52.44
    You Save: $96.12 (65%)
    "Security Chain Company QG2828 Quik Grip V-Bar" - By N. Timmons

    Sweet chains very aggressive design. came with a cloth bag to store them in and a set of rubber chain tensioners. great quality quick shipping very pleased with these chains

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    Tire Chain: love car
    Great, arrived quickly and well packaged in a attaché case like bag that also comes with instructions, gloves, and window ice remover. They went on quickly without any problems and the instructions were perfect . I don't feel like I'll be stranded this winter.

    I was given a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion regarding this product. There is no discount large enough, nor even if this product was free that would or could allow me to compromise my integrity. Should you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact me. I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that I helped in some small way.

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    Tire Chain: love car
    "Really helps with a muddy yard." - By Revconguy (Huntsville, Alabama United States)

    These really help with mowing a muddy yard. I have a rental property that has drainage issues and I'm always having problem with slipping and sliding in soft ground. These made a big difference when I mowed yesterday. I could really tell the difference.

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    Tire Chain: love car
    List Price: $10.56
    Price: $6.50
    You Save: $4.06 (38%)
    "Chain tighteners with installation tip" - By coguy

    Great chain tighteners. Installation tip: Hook at 4:OO and 8:00 first, then pull up and hook at 12:00 using the strength of your legs and back. Then pull up and hook at 2:00 and 10:00 using the same method. Much easier that way!

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    Tire Chain: love car
    "Reusable and easy to use" - By mousepotato (San Francisco, CA)
    Promptly shipped and came in a handy bag. There are 10 straps in the bag enough for 2 wheels. This is the only "straps" that have a metal claw in the center to grip the ground and they are reusable. The wide straps wrap around the tire/rim and no metal touches your rim. Each strap loops into the buckle twice so that the strap is very secure. I recommend to keep the straps stored unbuckled to aid in faster installation. Also, keep a pair of gloves in the bag to keep your hands clean and maybe a towel for kneeling on the ground.

    I will be trying these out this week on a trip to South Lake Tahoe during an expected snow storm and will report back.

    Seems like a great advance in the snow chain category which is easier and safer ... full review

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Tire Chain: love car