How to Use All-Wheel Drive Lock Button on RAV4 & Highlanderlove car

How to Use All-Wheel Drive Lock Button on RAV4 & Highlanderlove car

If you drive a new Toyota Highlander or RAV4 and you’re thinking about traveling to rainy, muddy, snowy or other slippery destinations, be sure to take a look at the video below. Highlighting Toyota's All-Wheel Drive Lock button, the short clip demonstrates how to use the feature to improve performance when road conditions are slippery.

What Is Toyota All-Wheel Drive Lock?

Toyota AWD Lock is a feature that can be used when you want to enhance the amount of power sent to the wheels. The feature should be used when additional traction is needed, such as if you're stuck in sand and need to free your SUV or if you're driving in icy conditions. When engaged, Toyota All-Wheel Drive Lock creates a 50/50 distribution of power between the front and rear axles, and locks the center differential.

Toyota Highlander & RAV4 AWD Lock Button

To turn on Toyota All-Wheel Drive Lock you must be driving under 25 mph. Once you're at the right speed, press the All-Wheel Drive Lock switch. It's typically located on the lower dashboard to the left of the steering column and includes a chassis symbol. When activated, you should see the indicator light turn on in your instrument panel.  

How to Turn Off Toyota AWD Lock on RAV4 & Highlander

To disengage the locking differential, simply press the AWD Lock button a second time and you'll see the indicator light disappear, which means the system is inactive. The 4 wheel drive lock feature will also automatically turn off when your vehicle speed goes above 25 mph or when you press the brake pedal.

If you have any additional inquiries or issues regarding your Toyota RAV4 or Highlander All-Wheel Drive Lock function, please contact us with your questions.