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What is the cost of life in New Zealand

How much will you spend when travelling in New Zealand?Use our currency converter to get an accurate idea of the value of a New Zealand Dollar (NZ$)

Is it expensive to live in New Zealand?

Porsche Carrera GT Archives - The Truth About Cars

Though not the first BMW-powered vehicle in our Rare Rides series, and not the first with two doors, it is the first BMW convertible we’ve seen here.And the two aforementioned doors on this little convertible have One Simple Trick up their sleeve — disappearing into the body of the car.

Finding the Answers to "What Inspires You?"

No one can tell you how or what you should be inspired by; you have to find out for yourself.Looking back at my life, my answers to the question “what inspires you” have changed dramatically over time, and rather frequently too.

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If some of your 2015 New Year's resolutions remain unresolved, don't get discouraged.So, it's calling for "gradual adjustments" to monetary policy throughout 2016, depending on economic conditions.

'69 Road Runner

Kitchen & Bath Trends of Kansas has a proven record of excellence in designing and installing quality kitchen &.Read More


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Troopers: MA Man Stopped With Untaxed Cigs

Geneva, NY, United States / Finger Lakes Daily News
Joe Lasky
December 02, 2017 06:51 am

A Massachusetts man was allegedly busted with more than 200 cartons of untaxed cigarettes and 200 pounds of loose tobacco in the Town of Tyre.The Auburn Citizen reports 39-year-old Yasin Khan has been charged with criminal tax fraud and transporting unstamped cigarettes, both felonies.

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Anti slavery statement

We are committed to ensuring that they do not take place in our businesses and we take steps to ensure that they do not take place in our supply chains.We consider the sectors in which we operate and our supply chains to be at lower risk of slavery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people improve their quality of life by offering information and products for sustainable living.We look for solutions that lead to a simpler, more self-sufficient way of living.

Millennial Money -

In the words of rapper/philosopher Jay Z: “You can’t knock the hustle.”
Millennials are having to hustle to pay their student loan debt.


27 January 2016

Jaguar scored a hat-trick of victories at the SME Company car of the Year Awards.The Jaguar XE was named ‘Company Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Large Company Car’, while the XF won the ‘Best Director’s Company Car’ award.

How to Make Money Restoring Old Cars

by Larry Simmons; Updated September 26, 2017 Classic car restoration can be a profitable venture, or it can be a monetary sinkhole, depending on how you go about the restoration process.To make money at restoring old cars though, you need to treat the process as a business from the start.

Tips for first-time homebuyers

buying a home, first-time homebuyer

Tips for first-time homebuyers
Tips for first-time homebuyers

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If you're a first time homebuyer, then the process can seem overwhelming.