Pros and Cons. All About buying Hybrid car

What Is a Hybrid Car?

Pros and Cons. All About buying Hybrid car

Hybrid vehicles got their name because they utilize two engine technologies together. There is a standard gasoline powered engine as well as an electric motor that gets its juice from a rechargeable battery pack. The idea is to create an environmentally friendly vehicle with better gas mileage and lower emissions. A lot of people confuse hybrids with electric cars but they are very different. A hybrid is assisted by the electric motor but it is still primarily an internal combustion gasoline powered vehicle. In a few cases you can find hybrid SUVs that qualify for an SULEV (Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle) rating.'s Pros and Cons Of Owning a Hybrid Car


  • Hybrid vehicles run cleaner than their conventional cousins. Toyota claims their cars are up to 80% cleaner than conventional gas engines
  • Hybrid cars are environmentally friendlier than conventional gas engine cars, and have lower emissions
  • You typically get 8 year warranties on the hybrid system
  • If you buy a plug-in hybrid, tax deductions/credits may be available
  • If enough people drive hybrids responsibly, our oil consumption will drop, leading to lower gas prices
  • You'll see the maximum gas savings if you mostly drive in stop and go city traffic at slower average speeds
  • In some states, driving a hybrid vehicle earns you the perk of being a single occupant vehicle in the HOV lane


  • If you mostly drive on open highways at high speed, you won't see very much benefit to driving a hybrid
  • Sometimes high demand models have waiting lists and dealers will sell them for a premium over MSRP
  • Hybrids usually cost a few thousand more than the conventional gas engine version of the same model
  • Gas savings can take years to recoup the additional purchase price
  • You are unlikely to obtain the EPA fuel economy estimate in the real world but this is true for standard cars as well

How Much Better is a Hybrid Car's Gas Mileage?

Hybrid cars achieve the biggest gas mileage gain over a standard car when you are doing city driving where you can get 50% - 70% better gas mileage. You should check the specific model that you are looking at to determine how much you will save.

How to Save Money Buying a Hybrid Car

Don't be fooled by dealer hype! Hybrids are no longer the rare breed. There is no need to over pay. Use the negotiating strategies to get a great deal.

Top Selling Hybrids for the 2014 Model Year

Now that 2014 is in the books, lets take a look at the top selling models and their fuel economy. By clicking on the model link, you will see what others in your area paying.

  1. Toyota Prius - City - 51 MPG / Highway - 48 MPG / Combined - 50 MPG
  2. Toyota Camry Hybrid - City - 43 MPG / Highway - 39 MPG / Combined - 41 MPG
  3. Ford Fusion Hybrid - City - 44 MPG / Highway - 41 MPG / Combined - 42 MPG
  4. Ford C-Max Hybrid - City - 42 MPG / Highway - 37 MPG / Combined - 40 MPG
  5. Chevrolet Volt - Combined - 37 MPG when run in gasoline only mode

You can save money by buying a used hybrid. You might also want to consider a fuel efficient regular used car. has created a special section to help you find fuel efficient used vehicles. Click here to search for fuel efficient used cars in your area. You might find that you can save gas and save a lot of money by buying used.

If you live in a big congested city, you are a prime candidate for a hybrid car. In times of peak demand, selling prices could be full MSRP or higher. Don't ever pay this much, wait until the demand dies down.

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